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  1. Shopping Guide: 10 gorgeous tropical leaf-print swimsuits

    House of Hackney swimsuit and

    Clearly, this post is for you lot, northern hemisphere-rs. And it’s actually to your advantage that your Antipodean correspondent here is currently rugged up under many layers of winter woolens… and blubber.

    It’s difficult to shop for swimwear when you’re not feeling completely body-confident, so with our theme of tropical leafy prints in mind, all of the itty-bitty bikinis got vetoed in favour of more support – and coverage. (Actually, if you’re after a super-flattering swimsuit that delivers on its promise – to look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds – look no further than the Miracle Suit. I have one and I’m never wearing anything else. Ever.)

    However, if you want to dip your toe into this season’s trend for tropical leafy prints, have a look at these 10 gorgeous beach-worthy options. With loads of graphic palm leaves and other tropical greenery, it’s all a little 1930s-meets-’70s-Art-Deco-renaissance. (Why yes, I did just make up that reference.) All hand-picked by yours truly.


    Top photo: House of Hackney Palmeral swimsuit, high-waist bikini and rocker swing seat

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    Have you spotted a swimsuit that takes your fancy? Share your favourite beachwear in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


    • http://kraftmint.com/ Ursula Rosien

      Tweeted! In fact, I was dreaming of writing a post featuring a botanical swimsuit flair 😉 This round-up is perfect! In a similar vibe I did a botanical moldboard, thought I would share it with you ;