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  1. Shopping Guide: Etsy Design Awards 2015 Finalists


    You have roughly 48 hours left to vote for your favourite Australian designers and makers in the Etsy Design Awards 2015.

    So who do you think has talent? Vote wisely, as the winner gets a trip to Etsy’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, and be featured in the October issue of Inside Out.

    We thought the Art & Paper Goods category was particularly well-judged – we love all of the artists, illustrators and designers who’ve been selected as finalists. It will be a tightly-run race. Home and fashion was also well-represented. That’s just our two cents – what do you think?

    Rather than tell you exactly who you should vote for, we’ve picked our top 12 favourite buys from a choice of 52 finalists.

    Top image: Terror Australis tea towel from Min Pin Shop.

    (This is an interactive shopping guide. Just hover over the product and click to go through to the Etsy shop to buy.)

    Head to the Etsy Design Awards to vote for your favourite finalists. You could win a $100 Etsy Gift Card for your efforts.