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est. 2007
  1. Wee find: Masking Tape Calendar

    Masking Tape Calendar from Present and Correct.

    How’s this for a genius idea? A DIY calendar you can stick on your wall, consisting of masking tape rolls of months, days, dates and a reel for notes. Created by Dutch design company mo man tai, the tape easily peels off your wall when you’re done.

    Masking tape calendar from Present & Correct.

    London-based stationery company, Present & Correct, purveyor of excellent design-led office supplies, stocks the masking tape calendar both online and in-store. (We’re also loving the wood geometric model set, featured in Present & Correct’s photo above.)

    Masking Tape Calendar by mo man tai.

    Masking Tape Calendar by mo man tai.

    Masking Tape Calendar by mo man tai.

    At just £22 for a set of eight rolls, you’re buying a cracker of product – great design; beautiful functionality; and a super-nice way to get organised and customise your boring old desk wall. It’s lightweight too, so it would make a nice gift to send in the post. Go, Scouts!

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    Top two photos by Present and Correct. Bottom three photos by mo man tai.

    • Jessica

      This is too fun! Love it!!