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  1. The 12 Best Children’s Picture Books for 2015

    Jill and the Dragon by Lesley Barnes.

    If you’ve got any kids on your Christmas shopping list, you can’t go wrong with a brand new picture book. Not only are you providing quality fodder for a child’s growth, imagination and development, you can also bask in the glow of instant parental approval. So just a little bit smug.

    I loved rounding up my top 12 books for this Christmas gift guide. All released in 2015, each book is a rollicking good read with superb illustrations.

    Jill and the Dragon by Lesley Barnes.

    Jill and the Dragon by Lesley Barnes.

    My top pick is Glasgow artist and author Lesley Barnes’ new book, Jill and the Dragon. A new release, Jill and the Dragon is getting the recognition it so richly deserves, with universal approval for its wonderfully detailed, whimsical illustrations and quietly subversive storyline. Look out for my upcoming review of Jill and the Dragon.

    In the meantime, check out who else made my top 12 best children’s picture books 2015.

    Ready to go shopping? Grab a coffee or brew of your choice, sit back and go shopping with our interactive guide. Just click on the links below to go straight to buy! You can’t go wrong.


    Top: illustrations from Jill and the Dragon by Lesley Barnes.

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