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  1. Christmas Gift Guide: Tween + Teen Boys

    We Are Scout Christmas Gift Guide: 30 Best Presents for Tween + Teen Boys

    It’s Day 5 of our annual Christmas Gift Guides, and today we’ve dug up some brilliant presents for tween and teen boys. From drumstick pencils and The Doldrums to shower squids and skateboards, we’ve got the boys covered for Christmas.

    Our hot tip? Two words: Star Wars. If a Chewbacca figure isn’t quite right, how about Chewy’s bowcaster, manifested in Nerf? Or how about a Star Wars terrarium DIY kit (my personal favourite) from Happy Place Terrariums? A miniature Tataouine! So good! There’s also a Build Your Own Lightsaber Kit, which I believe my husband is secretly coveting.

    Top: Sunnylife uklele and bongo drums.

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