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  1. Shelf/Life’s New Oslo Hanging Planter

    Shelf/Life planters styled by Vanessa Colyer Tay

    We’re always on the scout for a good planter, and Shelf/Life’s brand new Oslo ticks every box for what we consider a Very Good Planter Indeed. The new range of Oslo hanging planters are designed by husband and wife team Jess and Brendan Ibbett, the duo behind Sydney-based online store Shelf/Life.

    Shelf/Life planters styled by Vanessa Colyer Tay

    “Shelf/Life was always intended to be a way to feature my own work amongst other great independent makers and designers”, says Jess.

    “Now that we are solely online I have freed up time to focus on being creative again. With this renewed focus, The Oslo hanging planters are a new direction for SHELF/LIFE, as we get back to what we enjoy most”.

    The new range of Oslo hanging planters include three designs, priced at $135, and feature locally-cut and powder-coated metal frames. The attention to superb handcrafted detail is evident in the design.

    All of the metalwork was completed by hand by Brendan, and each piece is hand-assembled and finished with natural cotton rope, with a hand-stamped leather tag and hand-rolled brass ring by Jess.

    Shelf/Life Oslo hanging planter

    The Oslo planter range includes three designs, and is available for pre-order from Shelf/Life now, for dispatch starting 16 Nov 2015. Just in time for Christmas!

    Photography courtesy of Shelf/Life; styling by Vanessa Colyer Tay, photography by Sam McAdam Cooper.

    • http://purplepaperhouse.com.au PurplePaperHouse

      I am SO happy to see hanging plants becoming a ‘thing’ again.

      As someone who grew up in a home filled with plants and a backyard that produced seven different fruits and numerous veges – I just adore that that connection with Mother Nature is being fostered again.

      Yay for the Green Thumbs.