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  1. Christmas Gift Guide: 30 Gorgeous Gifts for the Girls

    Country Road's homewares make We Are Scout's top 30 Christmas presents for ladies - in monochrome.

    Shopping for gifts can get tricky when you’re considering colours – one person’s glorious fuschia can be another person’s ghastly fright. That’s why you can’t go wrong with neutrals, and one of the strongest looks we’ve seen this year is monochrome.

    Top photo courtesy of Country Road.

    2015 Christmas Gift Guide: 30 Beautiful Christmas Presents for Ladies - in black and white.

    When it comes to making a style statement (and an easy present purchase), it’s all about black and white – from frocks and toasters to cushions and coasters.

    We’ve scouted 30 gorgeous monochrome Christmas gifts for the favourite girls in your life. Grab a coffee, sit back and go shopping with our interactive guide – just click on the links below to go straight to buy! You can’t go wrong.


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