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  1. Tutorial: Make a modern wool wall hanging – the easy way

    Tutorial: How to make a modern wool wall hanging - it's super easy. By Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout. Photo: Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout

    After a fast and simple way to make your own modern wall hanging? I made this Scandi-inpsired, modern wall hanging for Rebecca, using 100 per cent organic Australian Merino wool roving. It involves just a few simple knots and it can be whipped up in half an hour.

    It’s an easy way a beautiful statement artwork for your home, which is striking in its simplicity and purity of the fibre. Doesn’t it look fabulous hanging above Rebecca’s mid-century sideboard?


    Tutorial: How to make a modern wool wall hanging - it's super easy. By Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout. Photo: Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout

    1 metre of Tasmanian oak dowel cut into two pieces: 50cm and 22cm in length (I got mine at Bunnings and they cut it for me too.)

    Wool roving (I bought 50g of organic Australian Merino wool roving from Ecoyarns and it comes in one continuous piece. I have some left over from this wall hanging, which I’ll use for another crafty project.)

    Sharp scissors

    Embroidery thread in a natural colour


    Let’s Get Started

    1. Cut three 190cm lengths from your continuous piece of wool roving.

    2. Gently pull apart each length of wool roving so you have three pieces equal in width.

    3. Take one length and fold it in half.

    4. Lay the folded length on your work surface over the longest piece of dowel and then bring the loop up and over the top. Pull the tails through the loop and pull tight. You’re effectively making a Lark’s Head Knot.

    5. Repeat with the other seven pieces of wool until you have eight Lark’s Head Knots along the length of dowel. Don’t worry for now if the ends aren’t completely even – we’ll trim them later.

    6. Cut a length of embroidery thread to 85cm and tie to each end of the dowel. Tuck the knot behind the wool so you can’t see it. At this point in the project, it’s easier to work if you can hang up your wall hanging at an accessible height.

    7. Starting at the left, take strands one and two and then make a knot (cross left over right and pull left through the hole) about 7cm down from your first row of knots. Then cross the right piece over the left and pull the right piece through the hole to make another knot.

    8. Repeat this simple knotting process with strands three and four, and continue knotting across the length of dowel.

    9. For your next row, make another row of simple knots, but this time start with pieces two and three. Continue to the end. The first and last strand will be hanging unknotted.

    10. Now make another row of the same knots, starting with pieces three and four. Continue for another five knots, giving you a total of six knots for the row. There will be two strands unknotted at either end. You’ve now completed your knots for the long piece of dowel. Trim the bottom of wool roving strands to make a straight line.

    11. Take the smaller piece of dowel. Cut of piece of wool roving (not divided) to a length of around 150cm and make one big Lark’s Head Knot in the centre of the dowel. Trim the bottom width of wool roving so it’s a sharp straight line.

    12. Now take 110cm of embroidery floss and tie to each end of the small length of dowel.

    Hang the smaller length of dowel from the same hook as the longer length of dowel. It should be centred on top of the big piece of wool and hang just under second row of knots.

    That’s it. Your beautiful new modern wool wall hanging is complete.

    Tutorial: How to make a modern wool wall hanging - it's super easy. By Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout. Photo: Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout

    Tutorial by Lisa Tilse. All photography and styling by Lisa Tilse for We Are Scout.
    This post was originally published on We Are Scout.

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