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June 30, 2013

Wee Birdy Shopping Guide: Festival and Camping Essentials

Festival and Camping Essentials via WeeBirdy.comWith Glasto kicking off the northern hemisphere festival season this weekend, I’ve put together a shopping guide to help you navigate all possible outdoor camping scenarios – from the ultimate rinse-free hand wash (that actually feels nice, smells heavenly and is kind to your skin) to the most chic beanie to ward against night-time chill (it has a netted veil, natch).

It’s funny – as I was editing my selections and double-crossing my list of essentials, it all felt strangely familiar. And that’s when I realised that packing for a grubby, muddy outdoor music festival isn’t too dissimilar to packing for a trip to the park with a two-year-old in tow. May your port-a-loos be unclogged, your exit strategy bottle-neck free, and may you get more than a wink of sleep. Have fun!

1. Anorak Kissing Robins sleeping bag, reduced to £45, from Anorak.
2. Anorak Binoculars picnic blanket, reduced to £25.20 from Anorak.
3. Hunter Selfridges yellow wellies, £120 from Selfridges.
4. Lazy Oaf blobby square rucksack, £55 from Lazy Oak.
5. Women’s popping pills print leggings, AU$70 from Uptightso’s Etsy shop.
6. Bernstock Speirs white candy cashmere veil beanie, £95 from Liberty.
7. Lazy Oaf pineapple slob T-shirt, £38 from Lazy Oaf.
8. Jen Booth yellow leather locket, AU$78 from Follow Store.
9. Batiste dry shampoo triple set, £7.50 from Cult Beauty.
10. Ultrasun SPF 50 Face, £24 from Cult Beauty.
11. Blafre green flower thermal flask, £24 from Scandi Cool.
12. Peter Jensen rabbit ear backpack, reduced to AU$124.39 from ASOS.
13. Karen Walker Blue Moon fluoro yellow sunglasses, £137.50 from The Goodhood Store.

Festival and Camping Essentials via WeeBirdy.com1. Falcon enamel mug, £4 from Labour and Wait.
2. Korres pomegranate cleansing wipes, £7 from Cult Beauty.
3. Ray-Ban original Wayfarer sunglasses, AU$210.24 from ASOS.
4. MOTO full length dungaree, £55 from Topshop.
5. BDG fisherman bucket hat, $19 from Urban Outfitters.
6. Backpack No.5 in seafoam green canvas with leather, AU$219.54 from Buluchu’s Etsy shop.
7. Duluth for Pedlars sleeping bag pack, £140 from Pedlars.
8. Lazy Oaf Eyeballs cap, AU$35.04 from ASOS.
9. Mini multi tool, £4.50 from Labour and Wait.
10. Fred Perry oversized parka, AU$324.12 from ASOS. (For a cheaper alternative, check out ASOS reclaimed vintage desert night parka, AU$122.64 from ASOS.)
11. Aesop resurrection rinse-free hand wash, £7 from Cult Beauty.

Disclaimer: Some affiliate links are used in this post, for which I receive a small fee per sale. Never fear – it doesn’t affect my decisions or selections. I wouldn’t feature any crap on Wee Birdy.

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June 27, 2013

Wee Birdy shopping guide to the best summer 2013 hats

Best summer 2013 hats via

I know. Ascot is done and dusted. Apologies to my UK readers. I’ve been working on this post for months but I couldn’t publish it any sooner because I’ve been that darn sick. (Off topic: I hate to whinge but this childcare-lurgy-merry-go-round is doing my head in. I’ve just spent the past six weeks with a not-so-delightful pick-n-mix of the most horrendous viruses, culminating in agonising joint pain, vomiting, fever and chills. Geez, aren’t you glad you clicked through to read my self-pitying sooky lah-lah drivel? Time to move on.)

So rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about my dear readers in the UK who are currently enjoying a typical English summer (ie. freezing cold, grey skies) and while I may have missed Ascot, I’ve heard from quite a few readers with a wedding or two marked on the calendar. And that means HATS.

Hurrah! I love a good hat. One of the things that I find so endearing about Britain is that hats are just about mandatory for all female wedding guests. (Not quite so in Australia – generally, the mother of the bride is the only one who wears a hat, which is sadly a missed opportunity for topping off an outfit with something utterly fabulous.)

Coast Buntal teardrop hat via

Maybe it’s the bird-lover in me but there’s something marvellous about perching something eye-catching and dramatic – often with feathers – on top of your head. And ladies, I’m talking about proper hats, not those silly headbands with a couple of pathetic sequins.

There’s nothing I hate more than a half-arsed approach to hats. I just about rejoiced when I heard that Ascot had finally put their foot down with an exacting dress code that specified minimum hat base measurements and banned fascinators from the Royal Enclosure. Hilarious and awesome. Who else would do this?

And if you can’t already tell that I’m dreadfully missing the UK, I’m just about sick with envy over the sheer amount of choice when it comes to shopping for hats. With the likes of internationally acclaimed milliners such as Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones calling London home, there’s no escaping the fact that no-one does hats quite like the Brits. (And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Queen or the late Isabella Blow, two of London’s greatest-ever hat wearers.)

Best hats for summer 2013 via

Now, it would be all too easy to curate a collection of the most amazing designer options, but to be honest I’m more excited and impressed by the bevy of British high street designer collaborations.

Take Debenhams, for instance. Here you can pick up a hat designed by the likes of Stephen Jones, Julien MacDonald and Jasper Conran for a very reasonable sum of money. We’re talking around £80 for a Stephen Jones for Debenhams number, which would cost around over £900 at his Covent Garden boutique.

Then there’s House of Fraser‘s collaboration with London milliner Jane Taylor, who has emerged as this season’s ‘It’ designer and the go-to girl for the Duchess of Cambridge. And I’m blown away by the rather handsome collection of hats designed by William Chambers for Coast (the large images you can see in this post are from this collection).

For those of you looking for a design with a bit more of an edge, look no further than Filipino milliner Mich Dulce, whose work was recognised in 2010 when she won the International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE) award for fashion at London Fashion Week. Her playful bunny ear-inspired designs manage to miraculously tick both chic and tongue-in-cheek boxes.

Best hats Summer 2013 via

If you’re in London, hightail it to Fenwick, which is probably one of the most underrated department stores (and it rarely gets a mention in international press). It’s a veritable goldmine for accessories, hats and scarves. I spent many a lunch hour scouring the ground floor wall of hair accessories. Fenwick has a mildly Bond Street matronly appeal, but I think that just makes me adore it even more.

Finally, you always have the option of hiring. The brilliant Liberty London Girl introduced me to The Hat Club, which offers an excellent selection of designs by the likes of Gina Foster, Emily London Millinery and Philip Treacy, with hire prices starting at £35 (though expect to pay £120 for a Philip Treacy.) Read Liberty London Girl’s post about her experience with The Hat Club here.

So read on for my (tardy) edit of the best hats for summer 2013. Silver lining? Some of these hats are now on sale. SCORE! So if you’re in the market for a new hat for an upcoming wedding or you (ahem) want to get ahead of next year’s spring racing season, read on. Also, this list can serve as spring racing carnival inspiration for my Australian readers. Just remember, black can be chic for the races, but rather gloomy for weddings. Best to stick to colour. Here we go…

Black and white hats via

Pictured above:
1. Peggy vintage raffia cocktail beret trimmed with navy feathers and vintage raffia beaded bow, £1,005 by Jane Taylor Millinery.
2. Invitation Imogen hat, also available in other colours, reduced to £59 from Hobbs.
3. Mich Dulce bunny topper hand-woven abaca pillbox hat, £289 from Fenwick.
4. Invitation Britannia hat, reduced to £49 from Hobbs.
5. Top Hat by Stephen Jones black oversized mesh bow hat, £110 from Debenhams.
6. Untold spotted bow pillbox hat, £38.50 from House of Fraser.
7. William Chambers black side bow hat, £100 from Coast.
8. William Chambers rosette side bow hat with silk flower, £459 from Fenwick.
9. Vintage spring hat with brown netting, AU$407.24 by Behida Dolic Millinery’s Etsy shop.

Best summer hats 2013 via WeeBirdy.comPictured above:
1. Juliette Botterill navy rose percher, available to hire from The Hat Club.
2. William Chambers for Coast buntal teardrop hat, £100 from Coast.
3. Uma Turan tulle headpiece, £320 from Miratis.
4. Sarah Cant bespoke hat, price on application from Sarah Cant.
5. Peter Whiteley swirl hat, £99 from Fenwick.
6. Misa Harada Kiara large bow headdress with face veil, £135 from Misa Harada.

Pastel and cream hats via WeeBirdy.comPictured above:
1. Sarah Cant bespoke hat, price on application from Sarah Cant.
2. Juliette Botterill taupe beano with veil, available to hire from The Hat Club.
3. Gina by Gina ready-to-wear hat, price on application, from Gina Foster.
4. Top Hat by Stephen Jones pale pink velvet flower fascinator, £80 from Debenhams.
5. Double disc floral hat, £160, William Chambers for Coast.
6. Vivien Sheriff pink conch beret headpiece, $695 from Avenue32.
7. Gina by Gina ready-to-wear hat, price on application, from Gina Foster.
8. Alice wide-brimmed hat, £740 from Jane Taylor Millinery.
9. Kate beaded mini cocktail hat, available in other colours, £570 from Jane Taylor Millinery.

Best summer hats 2013 for races and weddings via

Pictured above:
1. Stephen Jones pale pink velvet flower fascinator, £80 from Debenhams.
2. Untold Bow pillbox fascinator, reduced to £31.50 from House of Fraser.
3. Principles by Ben de Lisi mesh disc design with feather flower details, reduced to £36 from Debenhams.
4. Uma Turan draped tulle headpiece with Swarovski crystals, £380 from Miratis.
5. ‘Morning delight’ soft yellow hat with black beaded button, AU$423.68 from Behida Dolic Millinery’s Etsy shop.
6. Edel Ramberg red rose tangle hat, available to hire from The Hat Club.
7. The Ines woven pill box hat in pink and orange, AU$76.27 from Jennifer Loiselle’s Etsy shop.
8. Marie Mercié Green chamonix hat with peek-a-boo ears, $440 from Avenue32
9. Uma Turan French beret trimmed with blue silk flowers, £390 from Miratis.

Which hat is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you.

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June 25, 2013

Wee Birdy Guide to the Best Buys in the June 2013 Sales

Best Classic Sales Buys June 2013 via

It’s sales time and I’ve been scouring the web for the best designer (and high street) bargains for you. I’ve focused on timeless pieces – the kind of essentials that make a classic wardrobe. I often wait ’til sales time to purchase these kinds of pieces – and if I don’t need anything new, then that’s it – I don’t look at all!

It’s all too easy to get carried away by the lure of discounted items, and buying something for the sake of getting a bargain. And I reckon we’ve all got too much crap in our closets already. So for god’s sake don’t add to the chaos/potential landfill with purchases you don’t really need. Especially trend-driven purchases that date really quickly.

So I guess that’s why I put together this wee guide to the sales, cherry-picking what I consider to be really great, classic pieces that will stand the test of time in your wardrobe. But only if you really need them – agreed? For instance, I need a great pair of tapered black pants. Slightly cropped, almost capri style pants – the kind that Jean Seaberg paired with Breton stripes in Breathless. The thing is, it all comes down to cut and fit, and so far I haven’t had any luck. I’ve got my eye on these COS pants but unfortunately they don’t ship to Australia – yet. Come on, COS!

But if you are in the market for some spiffy new clobber, you better hop to it – things are selling out fast (I’ve already re-written my edit a few times). I’ll be updating this post with alternatives as items sell-out, so keep an eye on Wee Birdy over the next couple of days.

UPDATE: I’m now adding some cheaper high street alternatives into the mix.

1. The Liberty silk scarf
Blue Liberty House print small silk scarf, reduced to £66.50 (from £95) from Liberty. Or how about this gorgeous Erdem rose wave scarf, now US$139 (from $470) at Barneys Warehouse.

2. The sexy black heels
Saint Laurent metal-trimmed pointed leather pumps, reduced to £329 (from £470) from Net-a-porter. And check out these Narcisco Rodriguez two-tone pumps, now US$219 (from $795) at Barneys Warehouse.

3. The chic neutral pumps
3.1 Phillip Lim D’Orsay suede and textured-leather pumps, reduced to £212.50 (from £425 ) from Net-a-porter. These Duccio Venturi strappy pumps from Browns are also fabulous. After a super-cheap high street bargain? Check out these ASOS SIDNEY Pointed High Heels with Metal Toe Cap, reduced to AU$35.04 (from $78.84) at ASOS.

4. The black clutch
3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Minute patent-leather and leather clutch, reduced to £201 (was £335) from Net-a-porter. For a bargainous high street alternative, check out this sleek black envelope clutch at ASOS, reduced to AU$17.52.

5. The classic cropped black pant
Miu Miu cropped stretch wool-gabardine pants, reduced to £147.50 (from £295) from Net-a-porter. Or try these pants. I also love these COS slim side zip trousers, reduced to £41.

6. The ultimate pencil skirt
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania stretch-cotton skirt, reduced to £138.60 (from £231) at Net-a-porter. Or try this or this. I love this wrap pencil skirt from Whistles, reduced to £60 (from £110). And if you’re after navy, check out this twill pencil skirt, down to US$45 (from $88) at Anthropologie.

7. The little black dress
Acne Adelle Tape open-back chiffon dress, reduced to £115 (from £230) at Net-a-porter. Also try this Acne denim and chiffon dress reduced to £145 at Browns. I also adore this super-chic Anja crepe dress, down to £85 (from £135) at Whistles. And this lovely Orla Kiely V-neck silk and cotton dress with box pleats is now £236 (from £338). Want something cheaper? How about this gathered detail dress at COS, reduced to £28.

Best classic buys and wardrobe essentials on sale via

1. The Breton striped top
J.Crew striped cotton anchor T-shirt, reduced to £23 (from £46) from Net-a-porter. Or try this top.

2. The white blouse
Karl Lagerfeld Belinda studded crepe blouse, reduced to £99.50 (from £199) from Net-a-porter. Also loving this white NW3 Byron shirt from £55 from Hobbs.

3. The ballet flats
Bloch bow-embellished leather ballet flats, reduced to £62.50 (from £125) from Net-a-porter. Or try these ballet flats from Belle by Sigerson Morrison (reduced to AU$126). And you really can’t go past these simple, Audrey Hepburn-style ballet flats at Country Road for AU$52.46 (down from $69.95).

4. The bright mid-heel pumps
Lucy Choi London croc-textured Ruby pumps, reduced to AU$160 (from AU$230) from Matches. You can find more Lucy Choi shoes on sale here at Matches and here at And if you’re after a black mid-heel pump, look no further than these classic little beauties, down to £75 (from £125) at Whistles.

5. The casual summer frock
Emmy patch pocket dress, reduced to £45 at (from £95) at Whistles.And then there is this Antipodium Playpal dress, reduced to AU$154.03 (from $229.00) at Shopbop. Also loving this Chinti and Parker polka dot embroidered dress reduced to £110 from Browns. Then there is this ultra-cool COS silk and cotton dress, reduced to £40. And check out this gorgeous grey NW3 bow swing dress, as well as this very pretty cream NW3 Theodora dress, both reduced to £69 (from £139) from Hobbs. Want something cheaper? How about this super-sweet Warehouse fan-print frock for AU$42.05 (from $70.08) from ASOS? And if you’re a fan of Marimekko, check out this Marimekko Elaska Dress, reduced to AU$209 (from $299) at Funkis.

6. The tailored jacket
Antipodium Mandate Jacket, reduced to AU$239.15 (from $578.16) at ASOS. Or check out this incredible satin-trimmed blazer by Maison Martin Margiela. And check out this Orla Kiely print cotton blazer, now £222 (from £318). I’m also loving this sharp purple NW3 Indigo blazer, reduced to £84 (from £169) at Hobbs.

7. The DVF wrap dress
Diane von Furstenberg New Jeanne Two Dress, reduced to AU$327.35 (from AU$365) at Shopbop.


Best Classic Sales Buys June 2013 via

1. The black mini skirt
Helmut Lang Cocoon cotton-blend jersey mini skirt, reduced to £55 (from £110) from Net-a-porter.

2. The colourful sweater
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel cotton and cashmere-blend sweater, reduced to £162 (from £270) at Net-a-porter. Or try this. I also love this divine grey NW3 Birdie Intarsia sweater, reduced to £48 (from £69) at Hobbs. And then there is this scallop stitch pullover, down to US$49.95 (from $88) at Anthropologie. After something chic and cheap? How about this contrast cuff knit top, reduced to £23 at COS.

3. The sexy heels
Jimmy Choo Maya studded suede pumps, reduced to £486.50 (from £695) at Net-a-porter.

4. The messenger bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs washed up messenger bag in Flame, reduced to AU$238.80 (from AU$267.71) at Shopbop.

5. The throw-on-and-go summer frock
Acne Marnay pleated sateen dress, £140 (from £280) at Net-a-porter. Or check out this super-cool American Apparel low back black dress at ASOS, reduced to AU$38.54 (from $77.09). I’m also loving this Rare belted dress reduced to $35.04 at ASOS.

6. The ultra-flattering dressy frock
Roland Mouret blue albermarle tie-waist V-neck dress, reduced to £397.50 (from £795) at Liberty. Or there is this beautiful Gloria lace dress, down to £85 (from £145) at Whistles.

7. The simple shift dress
Weekend by MaxMara Randers dress
, reduced to AU$100 (from AU$200) at Matches. Also loving this Orla Kieley organza shift dress reduced to £208.60 (from £298). And this Marimekko Pikubassi dress is reduced to AU$234 (from $335 at Funkis. COS printed shift dress, reduced to £81.

Have you bought anything in the sales? What do you think of my edit of the best bits?
Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post, for which I receive a small fee per sale. Never fear – it doesn’t affect my decisions or selections. I wouldn’t feature any crap on Wee Birdy.

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November 2, 2012

Frock on Friday: Poppy

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a really gorgeous little frock for a three-year-old and wished there was a version in my size. And apparently I’m not alone. It was only last week at my local childrenswear shop that I discovered that the lovely tiny wee toddler’s frock in the gorgeous tropical print had also been the object of many a grown woman’s affection. And – hurrah! – word had got around that Zimmermann had a dress in the exact same print. For (much) bigger girls.

So I’m delighted to hear that UK childrenswear designers Poppy Children have responded to popular demand for adult versions of their delightful vintage-inspired kids frocks with the launch of their first womenswear collection. Featuring Poppy’s trademark storybook illustrations, the collection is inspired by a 1950s aesthetic and is available in a range of prints, styles and sizes (10-18).

Naturally, I adore their new London print, which also features on a range of frocks for little girls. Each dress comes with its own story book about Poppy and Fred’s adventures in London. I love that the vintage-inspired design features a thoroughly modern London, complete with the Gherkin, London Eye and a wandering giraffe. The collection is made in the UK and is one hundred per-cent cotton.

My favourite style is the Beatrice dress, which is superbly flattering with three-quarter length sleeves, a wide bateau neckline at the front and a V at the back, which can be worn either way and is available in five colour ways, for £129.99. Ladies can also purchase a matching petticoat for extra swoosh factor, as well as a pair of stripey cotton tights for winter.

The London print is also available on the Millie dress for girls, which features a Peter Pan collar and looks ridiculously adorable with a matching little cardigan. It would make a super-sweet London-themed bridesmaid’s frock, and it comes in sizes 0 to seven years for £62.50. There is also a range of matching fluffy petticoats and darling stripey tights for little ones.

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October 22, 2012

My Secret London with Dan Jones

Freelance writer Dan Jones has lived in London for years – and he’s got around: Shoreditch, Herne Hill, Hackney, Victoria Park, Stoke Newington and now Clapton. He’s written for i-D Magazine as shopping editor, as senior men’s ed, is media consultant to fashion brand Antipodium, and was Time Out London’s Shopping & Style editor for four years (where he was also my mentor and boss), covering everything from LFW to funeral parlours – so he’s acquired a big list of London’s best/weirdest bits.

You can follow Dan on his shiny new blog dedicated to London stores and style, JONESTOWN,  and on Twitter @jonessecret. In the meantime, here is Dan’s Secret London. Enjoy!

Best shop in London for atmosphere?
My mum is a bit of a witch. When I was a kid she’d take me to her favourite New Age shop, Mysteries, on our day trips into London. Being a young cynic, I’d roll my eyes at the dreamcatchers and chakra candles, but when I rediscovered the shop a few years ago, I finally saw how special it is – especially if you suspend all irony. Fancy an amethyst geode as big as your head? Done. Books on faeries and spells? Smudge sticks? Angel cards? Got it. In the market for a polished crystal that looks a bit like Gandalf’s dildo? You’ve come to the right place. Hidden at the back of the shop is a slightly slimy-looking grotto with a babbling water feature, encrusted with crystals and icons, and upstairs you can get your fortune told by Mysteries’ psychic staff and Tarot readers. Magic.

Best in London for vintage?
Princess May Car Boot Sale
Just north of Dalston, opposite Beyond Retro’s huge Stoke Newington High Street store, is one of London’s best car boot sales. The mix of sellers is intriguing – from local trendies selling off their Topshop Unique cast-offs, to seasoned car booters (who tend to drive a hard bargain) selling knick knacks. It all makes for a great breadth of tat to pick through. On a hot summer’s weekend the sale is packed with browsers and sellers who cram themselves creatively into every corner of the grounds, selling from trestle tables and blankets.

Scoring a great car boot bargain is one of my greatest turn ons and Princess May rarely disappoints. On my last visit I picked up a Death Row Records cap, a Florida Gators sweatshirt, an old leather Camel cigarettes wallet – and possibly my best ever car boot find – a large ceramic bust of Arnold Schwartzenegger as The Terminator for £8. I didn’t even haggle. As I walked away from the stall the seller said, in a creepy Austrian accent, “you’ll be back.” No shit.

Best shop in London for gifts?
Donlon Books
Navigating Broadway Market on a Saturday is sometimes a bit overwhelming – you might not always be in the mood for the crowds and gluten-free cakes, squeezing through the shoppers and poseurs, squinting so your eye isn’t poked out by a chocolate eclair. Donlon Books makes it all worth it.

At the north end of the market and usually manned by Conor Donlon, you can browse an excellent selection of art, fashion and culture books (new and old), and magazines, fanzines and cards. It’s great for gifts. I always find something that’s relevant to a friend’s dubious obsession, whether it’s a book on 1970s Australian drag artists or film ephemera from the collection of John Waters himself – Cry Baby tissues or a Serial Mom baseball cap.

Best shop in London for food?
Lina Stores
It’s not much of a secret – Lina Stores has held its own in Soho’s red light district since the ‘30s – but the Italian deli just keeps getting better. The small shop had a bit of a makeover a couple of years back – and achieved the impossible: updating the place to feel thoroughly contemporary but preserving its traditional quirks.

You can have a quick snack or a coffee at the standing tables or buy up big from the impressive stock at the fresh counter (cheeses, charcuterie, etc) or the shelves (biscotti, Venchi treats). The homemade bits are best: pumpkin and sage or veal tortellini, pesto. The fresh pork and fennel sausages usually make the shelves in the early afternoon (amazing rolled up into meatballs at home).

Your number one London shopping secret?
Casa Mexico
I discovered Casa Mexico last year – although I’d walked past it lots of times on my way to the Antipodium studio in Bethnal Green. A few earthenware pots at the entrance had always made me think the place was a ceramic store, something to do with tiles or garden furniture – a bit boring. Still, I decided to try it out one day and it’s good I did.

Inside it’s all Day of the Dead dolls, handwoven rugs, pinata and paper fiesta decorations, bottled sodas and beers, fresh tortilla – and those ceramic garden pots. The Casa team have opened a Mexican pastry counter next door that’ll be selling tacos come September. In the main store, check out the genuine Caballeros cowboy boots, shirts and hats and Lucha Libre wrestling masks, or pick up some religious candles (£4.50 for Jesus) and proper Mexican sweets. Steer clear of the hot salted tamarind candies though – the packaging’s great but they taste like death.

The London trend you’re loving right now?
The Grill
Okay, it may not be the best news for the nervous eater, or those prone to bouts of heartburn or animal welfare, but this past summer in London was all about the grill. Dirty burgers, chunks of bone marrow, pulled pork, barbecued ribs… Alongside the stars of the BBQ scene – Meat Liquor, Meat Market and Pit Cue Co. – there are a few relative newcomers that are worth checking out: Burnt Enz at the Climpson Roastery (currently closed for winter) is less about classic BBQ sauces and more about using the grill to cook posh things like scallops, quail and more traditional stuff like lamb ribs with mint or beef brisket. Elliot’s Cafe at Borough Market collaborated with Raw – Borough’s wine fair – in the form of a pop-up burger stand selling aged beef patties with beer-braised onions, Comte and a brioche bun… it’s totally dirty – in a good way.

Thanks Dan!

Click here for a Wee Birdy map of Dan’s Secret London, complete with all the addresses and contact details.
Click here for more Secret London posts

Image sources: Mysteries; Donlon Books; Lina Stores; Lina Stores.

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September 14, 2012

Frock on Friday

Some of you have asked for some plus-sized options for Frock on Friday, so I’ve turned to Clements Ribeiro‘s clever new collection for UK plus-sized label Evans for inspiration. This is the London-based designers’ second collection for Evans, after their triumphant Spring/Summer collection earlier this year which sought to slash accepted fashion cliches for plus-sized women. Clearly, they’re on to a winner.

Clements Ribeiro’s (northern hemisphere) autumn/winter collection for Evans sees a return to their signature prints (traditionally a no-no for curvy shapes) with a line-up of some cracking frocks. If you’re after a classic LBD that works between seasons, look no further than this crepe LBD (above). The supremely flattering cut features a v-neckline and a bang-on-trend peplum. It’s available in sizes 14 to 32. Swan by Clements Ribeiro Debra dress, £75 from Evans.

However, it’s impossible to ignore the fabulous prints from this collection, including (below, from left to right) Swan By Clements Ribeiro Placement Print Salome Dress, £95; Swan By Clements Ribeiro Pansy Print Betty Dress, £75; and Swan By Clements Ribeiro Lace Grace Dress, £95. Clements Ribeiro for Evans.

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