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Category Archive: Christmas decorations

My place: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s been a busy week here at the Wee Birdy nest. I’ve been reading my favourite childhood Christmas books to Harry (can you spot the Raymond Briggs and Dick Bruna?), putting the finishing touches on the tree and decorating the house with Australian summer flowers (the brilliant red blossoms of the Flowering Gum and Christmas […]

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Wee Christmas finds: Mum’s vintage decorations

My mum likes to collect stuff. Weird, wonderful and pretty cool stuff. This is just the icing of her vintage Christmas decoration collection. I only made it through one box on Tuesday, when I uncovered all manner of vintage paper ephemera, novelty vintage lights (birds, cottages, candles and snowmen), foil crackers, Avon perfume bottles, pipe […]

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Wee Christmas find: Last minute DIY Christmas decorations

Here’s another last-minute easy Christmas craft: capture Christmas in a jar (or an empty ham tin) with a wee wintry diorama. Cluster a few of them together for a snowy forest effect, or pop a lid on for instant snow dome fun. Click through the links below for full how-tos and tutorials: Top left: Ski […]

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Wee Christmas finds: Last minute DIY decorations

It’s never too late to add some festive cheer to your house with some bright and colourful DIY decorations. I’ve compiled some of my favourite projects from Pinterest: 1. Christmas wreath by Say Yes to Hoboken. 2. 3D Advent calendar by Snug. 3. Modern Christmas decorations by Nest. 4. Cupcake liner trees by Tatertots and […]

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Wee Christmas finds: Top 10 Snowflake Essentials

I love paper snowflake decorations. There is something magic about taking a pair of scissors to a plain sheet of white paper and transforming it into a delicate hand-cut decoration that Rob Ryan might be proud to call his own. Whether you stick them on brown paper parcels or display them en-masse in your windows, […]

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Wee Christmas finds: Gingerbread houses

Anyone making a gingerbread house for Christmas this year? I would love to make one from scratch because I really love our family’s gingerbread recipe (I think it’s from the Australian Women’s Weekly) but I’m a bit nervous about baking the different pieces to the exact measurements. So I think I’ll use a kit as […]

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