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My Secret London with Sarah Drinkwater

It’s back! By popular demand! My Secret London! This is where I pin down prominent London style/design/food insiders and ask them to share their favourite London addresses and secret destinations with Wee Birdy readers. This is London by locals – and knowledgeable, super-stylish locals at that. Here we go… Sarah Drinkwater (pictured top right) grew […]

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The 12 best places for kids in London – from toddlers to tweens

I get asked a lot of questions about the best places to go in London. And one question that keeps cropping up time and again is where to take kids. I visited London and travelled around the UK several times throughout my childhood – when I was two years old and when I was 10. […]

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Shopping in London: Broadway Market

I finally paid Broadway Market a long overdue visit recently to re-discover some old favourites (Violet has some of the best cupcakery in London), as well as stumble across some exciting new finds. Since we moved to South-East London it's a bigger effort to 'make the trip' to what was once my little local market. […]

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Handmade Xmas Part 1: Cakes and cookies

Peggy Porschen is standing in her gleaming Battersea studio and demonstrating how to make perfect squiggles using a piping bag she’s fashioned out of a piece of paper. But I’ve only got eyes for the bowl of edible glitter in front of me, appropriately named, “White Disco Hologram”. Which might explain why my subsequent squiggles […]

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Top London tea spots: Parlour at Sketch

With a reputation for displaying cakes “like jewels” (The Goddess Guide by Gisele Scanlon), it didn’t take long for me to sniff out The Parlour at Sketch when I first arrived in London. Located across the road from Vivienne Westwood on Conduit Street, it offers an avant-garde setting for taking tea. Think traditional private men’s […]

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Top London tea spots: Tea at Liberty

“I believe that it is customary in good society to take some light refreshment at five o’clock.”- Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest Tea at Liberty is of one the little places I like to keep up my sleeve whenever I want to treat myself and escape the maddening crowds of Oxford and Regent […]

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