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  1. Birdy of the Week: Seedling Bird Glider

    Seedling Fly High Bird Glider via Wee Birdy

    After a cheap and cheerful activity for kids? Keep small hands and minds occupied with Seedling’s Fly High Bird Glider kit, AU$7.95 from Lark. First, colour in the bird, put it together, then head to the park and watch it soar.

    Fly High Bird Glider from Lark via WeeBirdy.com

    New Zealand-based Seedling makes the best DIY kits for kids, with gorgeous designs, eco-awareness and retro-style packaging. The bird glider make a great kid’s present to send overseas. The flat-pack and light-weight design make it perfect for postage.

    Tell me: what are you doing with your kids during the school holidays? De-lurk and leave me a comment below!

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