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40 Best Christmas Presents for Kids

I just pulled a pile of catalogues out of the letter box today. Now, usually, that is a good thing (I pay geeky attention to the Bunnings catalogue in particular), but right now, I’m seeing the same old toys and stuff for kids splashed across the pages of a big chainstore, advertising big discounts to […]

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34 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Presents Under $20

Christmas can be costly, but you can find all sorts of affordable and unique wee gems from some of my favourite shops online. I’ve done the shopping for you, and found 34 drop-dead gorgeous presents for under $20 (Aussie dollars), from hand-stamped copper necklaces and designer Scandi babygros to handmade aftershave balm and beautiful art […]

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Christmas Gift Guide: The Best Ice Cream-Themed Presents

This is it, people. Five weeks’ til Christmas. Eeep! So if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, now is a good time to put your orders in from shops online. It’s easy, fast, you avoid the crowds, and guess what? I’ve been researching for months and found all the best stuff for you. Job […]

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Wee Find: Felt Ball Christmas Wreaths

I can’t stop looking at these wreaths. Aren’t they the best thing since… felt ball rugs? There is something about the look of tiny multi-coloured felt balls that is somehow comforting and alluring and nostalgic – all at once. Is it because they look like hundreds and thousands? And they recall memories of yummy, pretty, […]

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Wee find: Marcelle Crosby’s folded paper dresses

I stumbled across Marcelle Crosby’s folded paper dresses while researching my top 12 affordable art prints for babies and children’s rooms, and thought they deserved a post to themselves. The Traveller by Marcelle Crosby. The Melbourne-based artist’s astonishingly beautiful – and completely unique -  mini works of art are made using paper prints and maps, […]

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Wee finds: the best tea sets for kids

As you may already suspect, we rather like having tea parties at our place. Here’s Harry showing his teddy how it’s done. I loved playing with my tea set when I was little, so there was no way that Harry was going to miss out. I picked up this little wooden set from Aldi, and […]

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