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  1. 5 Last-Minute DIY Costumes For Halloween

    5 Amazing Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes: DIY Strawberry costume by Studio DIY.

    DIY Strawberry costume by Studio DIY. Photography by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY.

    It’s always tricky coming up with a fun and original costume idea, especially when you’re a craft blogger. But there is one blogger who always nails DIY costumes and decorations every year, and that’s Kelly Lander from Studio DIY.

    5 Amazing Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes: Pizza and Pizza Delivery Man by Studio DIY>

    DIY Pizza slice costume by Studio DIY. Photography courtesy of Studio DIY.

    I’ve had a few chats with the lovely Kelly over the past couple of years, and the Los Angeles-based blogger always comes up with amazing costume ideas that aren’t overly complicated or expensive to make. Take her strawberry costume, for instance. Got a red dress? Great – you’re halfway there! Now, all you need to do is fashion a simple green “stalk” from card stock and voila: you’re a strawberry.

    5 Amazing Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes: Ice Cream Cone by Studio DIY.

    DIY ice cream cone costume by Studio DIY. Photography by by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY.

    Studio DIY’s Halloween costumes are also always on-trend. This year she takes on the icecream, which has emerged as one of the strongest motifs in design for spring/summer 2014, while she tackled the ever-popular pineapple last year.

    5 Amazing Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes: Pineapple by Studio DIY.

    DIY pineapple costume by Studio DIY. Photography courtesy of Studio DIY.

    Kelly always takes beautiful photography and her step-by-step instructions are clear and easy-to-follow. With a preoccupation for food-themed costumes, Kelly demonstrates how easy it is to transform yourself into an ice-cream; pineapple; donut; or a slice of pizza. The costumes are fantastic for adults and kids alike, and she has some cool DIY costume ideas for couples, too.

    5 Amazing Last Minute DIY Costumes: Donut by Studio DIY.

    DIY donut costume by Studio DIY. Photography courtesy of Studio DIY.

    If you’re not already following Kelly’s terrific blog, head over to Studio DIY and add it to your bookmarks.

    Tell me: are you or your kids doing Halloween this year? I’d love to hear about your own DIY costume ideas.

    (I’ll go first! When my son was 10 months old, I fashioned a garden gnome costume for him at the last minute, using his own clothes and a head of a mop as a beard. I held it all together with surgical tape. It was all rather make-do and slightly pointless for the non-Halloween-celebrating street we were living in at the time, but what else are you gonna do with a cute baby on October 31? And he rather enjoyed bum-shuffling around the front garden in his gnome get-up, much to the amusement of passers-by.)

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