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Australian design: Relaunched Tony Parker furniture

There was a moment back in May when I’m not ashamed to say that I literally squeaked with excitement. I had just discovered that Tony Parker, of Parker Furniture, was relaunching a capsule collection of his iconic ’50s designs in an exclusive collaboration with Surry Hills design store WORKSHOPPED. Anyone who’s a fan of mid-century […]

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Sydney design: Mr & Mrs White

It’s been a while since I posted about Sydney design, and when I stumbled across the latest work from Mr & Mrs White, I couldn’t wait to have a wee chat with them. Mr & Mrs White run a furniture and textiles business from their showroom and workshop in Mona Vale, on Sydney’s northern beaches. […]

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What to order now for Christmas: Presents from Etsy, Part 10

Here’s the final instalment in my Etsy Christmas Gift Guide for 2012. Hope you’ve found a gem of a gift for someone special, and you’ve enjoyed all of my favourite wee finds. 1. Ahoi Marie Schifferbecher Anker, EUR9.90 from Ahoi Marie. 2. Silk yellow neck scarf with lace pattern, CHF75 (with free worldwide shipping) from […]

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What to order now for Christmas: Little Branch cards

I’m always fascinated by Australian interpretations and portrayals of Christmas. When we’re not pretending we’re living through a northern hemisphere winter complete with snowflakes, icicles and sleighs, we roll out Aussie Christmas cliches of barbecues on the beach and sunburnt Santa surfing the waves. (Weird, because the only people I know who spend Christmas day […]

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Get the look of Nina’s apartment from Offspring

Have you been watching Offspring? Are you as obsessed as I am? This season has officially got me hooked, and when I’m not angsting about Nina and Patrick’s on-off relationship, I spend quite a bit of time perving at her apartment. (My sister, meanwhile, is obsessed with Nina’s casual-bohemian wardrobe, and if you also want […]

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A week of Aussie Etsy: Storybook Rabbit

Etsy shop: Storybook Rabbit. Who: Kelly, a Sydney-based illustrator who lives with Juno the bunny “in a little house filled with tiny ceramic animals, brightly coloured dresses, vintage treasures and rabbit-chewed furniture.” What: Re-worked vintage plates with decals of Kelly’s ridiculously cute animal illustration – think Hipster bunnies in peter-pan collars, baby deer in party […]

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